our leadership team.

Our leadership team, made up of strategy, design and management experts, facilitate the delivery of each project up until comprehensive client satisfaction and subsequent completion. 

It is through this combination of experienced best-practice techniques and innovation that we have continued to consistently deliver world-leading outcomes to a wide range of clients from a variety of nations and backgrounds.


Executive Chairman

Through his career, Phil has outworked out a core passion for human flourishing. The key philosophy, present throughout all the projects he has been involved in, has been that successful human development not only occurs through economic growth, but also through the additional prioritisation of the environmental, social, and cultural aspects of society. Phil has worked in over 30 countries across Africa, Middle East, Europe, Americas, Asia and the Pacific.


Phil has been extensively involved with the investigation, planning, design, construction and management of cities and this engagement has led him to becoming a recognised thought leader in the area of city development. Phil has been employed on a wide range of projects from industry to academia and from Government to the sporting world. He has represented New Zealand in both Government-to-Government relations and international collaboration.

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Gareth has provided project planning, process and control mechanisms to integrate complex programmes of work during his 18-year career with Synergine. He carefully develops and manages stakeholder relationships with regulatory bodies, community groups and project teams. This brings alignment with client objectives and vision, creating frameworks that support and enhance the value of a project to create successful and lasting outcomes.

Matt brings a depth of expertise to the Design team. His perceptive and inspired approach to design is coupled with an aspirational and innovative solutions-based process. Matt creates beautiful architectural designs that are as functional as they are stunning. His ability to capture the creative spirit and aspirational dreams of the client in his designs ensures a superb result.

Aaron is an expert practitioner with a pedigree of guiding challenging projects through to fruition. His background in engineering disciplines and project management creates the optimal foundation for providing trusted expert advice to our clients as they negotiate the regulatory and project processes involved in horizontal and vertical infrastructure.