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parking programme.

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Parking Programme



Auckland, New Zealand

Synergine partnered with Auckland Transport to provide a project governance framework and reporting dashboard designed to improve the cohesion and visibility of the management of projects across the different areas within several of their teams. This supported a desire to have a stronger culture of communication and collaboration and enabled the teams to proactively plan and manage their projects, problem solve and create a clear understanding of the rationale for projects and initiatives.


Using Synergine’s expertise in project management and integration, a static governance framework was produced which mapped relationships and responsibilities. This has enabled the business to improve the management and prioritisation of projects across the different programme workstreams.


Additionally, Synergine explored different data strategies to enable the teams to track their projects. Through building a database framework and reporting dashboard, we enabled the teams to accurately track the progress of projects and key performance metrics. Making the data available in an interactive format has enabled the programme coordinators to better plan, design, track and deliver their projects, resulting in improved outcomes.

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