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crown lynn precinct master planning.

Crown Lynn Precinct Masterplan_Pond and


Crown Lynn Precinct Master Planning



Auckland, New Zealand

Synergine was engaged by legacy authority Waitakere City Council (WCC) to lead a multi-disciplinary team generating a master plan with supporting analysis and financial modelling undertaken to advance the development case for the proposed redevelopment of a 12 hectare, ‘brown-fields’ site in New Lynn, to provide 800 new household units and 10,000m2 of non-residential use land centred around a new public park.

Synergine led and facilitated a collaborative design process involving senior Synergine consultants, the appointed architectural designers and the proposed development entity to generate a conceptual master plan for the site, including planning for Council’s sub-regional park, housing typologies and yield predictions.  The master planning outcomes were then utilised to establish a Development Business Case, which underpinned WCC’s decision to advance the project to a concept design stage to validate earlier assumptions.

Synergine also provided the engineering design concepts (three waters, roading and WSD solutions) for a range of site development scenarios with the desired outcome of unlocking the land potential.

Council concurrently engaged Synergine to solve its complex catchment stormwater and services infrastructure issues in the vicinity of the site to allow the project to proceed. This involved stormwater modelling, design of Water Sensitive Design solutions and options to address flooding in the area, associated with brown-fields redevelopment.

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