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benefits tracking.

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Benefits Tracking



Auckland, New Zealand

Benefits Realisation is a key part of measuring success for a project to ensure the delivered outcomes achieve the benefits identified at the forefront. Tracking and reporting of the identified benefits are effective tools to evaluate the performance of Benefits Realisation for a project. 

Synergine provided support to the Programme Controls Office (PCO) at Kāinga Ora to establish benefits tracking and reporting as part of the Strategic Investment Management (SIM) Programme. Part of the SIM Programme deliverables was to establish a Benefits Management Framework. Working in collaboration with the team, Synergine carried out a documentation stocktake for each development project to collate information and establish the benefits baseline. Engaging with Project Directors and Development Managers, Synergine lead the establishment of benefits tracking and reporting. 

The support provided by Synergine ensured the PCO was reporting benefits to the Kāinga Ora Governance groups for each development project on a monthly basis, whilst also meeting the SIM Programme objectives.

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