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cambodia water sanitation.

Cambodia Water


Cambodia Water Sanitation



Synergine partnered with World Vision New Zealand and World Vision Cambodia on this multi-year project focussed on developing in-country capability to provide high quality water and sanitation interventions in rural villages, using case studies for piloting of innovative, low technology solutions in several regions of rural Cambodia and by developing associated, user-friendly guidelines for local implementation.   

The project commenced with research and development of appropriate tools and resources for local adaptation and implementation. Identified village scenarios were then used as case studies to develop and refine appropriate, standardised designs for water and sanitation facilities and interventions. Outcomes were incorporated into a manual with simplified step-by-step guidance and processes to assist future local decision making, monitoring and evaluation. this guidance was translated into Khmer for ease of local adoption.  Community engagement, skill transfer and information sharing were integral to the assignment, including employing and training a technical specialist for World Vision Cambodia.   

To ensure the long-term sustainability of the initiative, a network of ‘points people’ within rural operational areas were identified to provide ongoing management for the Water Sanitation project, and hygiene and water sanitation training was conducted within four target villages. This involved participatory research and identification of locally appropriate options, construction of the water and sanitation facilities, and ensuring robust ongoing management structures were designed and implemented.

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