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mongolia water.


Mongolia Water



Synergine partnered with World Vision New Zealand to install potable water supply systems and vegetable garden irrigation systems within five community centres in the Gobi desert in Mongolia. The work had a significant impact on these communities, providing them with a safe, sanitary and reliable source of water. Previously, the communities relied on water from shallow wells, which were often contaminated from animal effluent, and subject to freezing in winter.  

Synergine managed the construction of new wells which were drilled between 50 and 65m deep, ensuring water quality met World Health Organisation standards. Insulated well-houses and coal burning stoves were constructed to ensure the wells would not freeze over during winter, when temperatures of as low as -30 °C are common.  

Community-based organisations were set up within each community to manage the wells, with a well keeper appointed to sell water at an affordable rate to the community. Revenue from these sales pay for the well keeper’s salary and ongoing costs such as coal, electricity and maintenance.

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