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manurewa war memorial park.



CF Manurewa War Memorial Park



Auckland, New Zealand

With the Manurewa AFC in urgent need of a new facility in Manurewa War Memorial Park, there was an opportunity to define and invest into a significant new multipurpose facility that would benefit all the resident clubs and the local community. The Manurewa Local Board identified this project as their priority project for the One Local Initiative Programme.

Synergine was engaged to define the project service requirements, work with stakeholders to identify options, agree on a preferred way forward and assemble the detailed business case in accordance with the Better Business Case methodology. During this project, the architecture team at Synergine were also engaged to support masterplanning work around the park and to develop facility concepts and floor plans.

Synergine enabled the project to meet the project milestones and resolved key project issues identified in the indicative business case. The detailed business case obtained the endorsement of the local clubs and the Manurewa Local Board and enabled the project to be presented to the Auckland Council Governing Body for investment.

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