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about us.

By engaging with Synergine, we want our clients to expect great things, and, by the power of working together, achieve them. 

Synergine was established in 2000 as a full-service, multidisciplinary, values-based consultancy. We serve local, regional, national and international clients with advisory, strategic, management and specialist technical advice across a number of services including; strategy, business cases, data analytics, project and programme management, project controls, stakeholder management, iwi engagement, urban, landscape and architectural design and construction delivery.


We incorporate the cultural, environmental, social, and economic characteristics inherent in every project and provide innovative, transformational, and sustainable solutions that enhance the well-being of communities and cities.

Synergine harnesses the power of working together through creating an environment which facilitates human flourishing in harmony with the natural rhythms and broad ecosystems of the world around us.

By providing thought leadership, innovation and best practice advice, we have assisted with non-traditional procurement strategies and mechanisms, and provided end to end planning, management and delivery of projects, working in partnership with central and local government agencies, iwi groups, communities, and other consultancies to create momentum and to effectively manage project delivery.  


Through our connectivity with international universities and research centres, Synergine brings the learnings and developments that occur on the global scale and apply them to the national, regional and local level. Our clients can use the best the world has to offer as a template to create bespoke solutions using local knowledge and professional insight within their context.

Within the DNA of the company is the predisposition to bring the threads of a vision together, with project partners, into one unified foundation upon which transformative solutions can be built.


Development within cities must harness existing, as well as nascent, technology, such as AI, Big Data and Smart City infrastructure, to provide a new paradigm for understanding the multiple ecosystems that make up a city. This insight must then provide the basis for holistically designed solutions. Using advanced technology to measure, analyse, design and predict, the Synergine team guides clients of any scale in response to their needs.


Synergine enables clients to lead change, drawing on its long tradition of successful collaborations with indigenous groups, local communities, regional councils, central government, corporate entities, entrepreneurs, investors and philanthropic outreaches.

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