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Synergine, in partnership with PlayerWISE, has developed a strategic combination of virtual and physical coaching platforms, offering development pathways for emerging footballers. The Digital Development Platform is a foundational resource designed to champion the holistic development of amateur through to professional football players. This grassroots youth development initiative bridges the gap between amateur and professional football and to set players up for holistic success. The PlayerWISE model adds value at all levels of football development; to players, coaches and scouts, as well as to the global growth and impact of football hubs, providing grassroots clubs an opportunity to engage in wider development needs in their communities.

The PlayerWISE model has been designed to provide holistic integration of football, educational and civic development, integrating personal development programmes from junior to professional level, providing age-specific, data-driven player assessment and improvement plans, including academic and civic goals and pathways and empowering players with tools and techniques to progressively improve. We are also working with Partner Clubs to develop international academies and associated high performance sports innovation hubs throughout the US, Pacific, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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