kopupaka reserve.


Kopupaka Reserve



Auckland, NZ


The Kopupaka Reserve was the recipient of the Landscape of the Year award at  the 2016 World Architecture Festival in Berlin. This 26 hectare open space forms the major recreation zones for the Massey North Town Centre development. Kopupaka Reserve promotes concepts of integrated urban design, illustrating how urban growth can be balanced with ecological restoration to create new public reserves and urban connections with strong landscape amenity.

In 2010 Auckland Council engaged Synergine to programme manage the delivery of the 156ha Westgate development, including the Tōtara Creek Open Space network project - named in consultation with Iwi and the Henderson Massey Local Board as Kopupaka Reserve. Synergine managed the planning, procurement, design and onsite direction, as well as co-ordination and engagement with iwi, developers, consultants, contractors and Auckland Council CCO’s.


Synergine continues to provide planning and design management for the final stage of the open space development.