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project, programme and portfolio analytics.

Project, Programme and Portfolio Analyti


Project, Programme and Portfolio Analytics



Auckland, New Zealand

Synergine has been working with Kāinga Ora to enable data-driven decision making for managing delivery of the largest urban regeneration undertaken in New Zealand. The large-scale data and reporting requirements has required architecting digital enterprise infrastructure involving central enterprise data warehouses and automated reporting solutions, along with the corresponding organisational process improvements required to enable access to these insights throughout the organisation. Architecture for the reporting solutions includes cloud-based hosting with Microsoft Azure, Oracle-based management software and PowerBI for front-end analytics.


The creation of the bespoke analytics solution has involved a multi-stage approach to produce automated reporting which enables maximum data utilisation, to achieve technical and organisational strategy outcomes. The agile design approach focused on producing an analytics solution which met the unique needs of Kāinga Ora, to be able to handle the pace of data production and translate on-the-ground insights to decision makers.


Following design of the user and organisational requirements, the reporting solutions were produced through a series of agile sprints, from conceptual design to integrated delivery. These real-time insights are now further enabling Kāinga Ora to track, manage and optimise the delivery of their land development, construction and investment initiatives.

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