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dominion road upgrade.

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Dominion Road Upgrade



Auckland, New Zealand

Synergine’s Technical services team was engaged to design the stormwater component of Auckland Transport’s Dominion Road Upgrade (DRU) project. The objectives of the DRU project were to significantly increase bus capacity along Dominion Road, while improving safety for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicular traffic. There was also a desire to incorporate urban design improvements with the provision of tree planting and artwork installations.

Synergine stormwater engineers worked in collaboration with project partners to deliver the stormwater infrastructure elements of this project within the context of these objectives. This involved assessing the condition, capacity and historical performance of existing reticulation and soakage systems; designing localised system improvements and new infrastructure solutions; and incorporating WSD provisions where possible (e.g. rain gardens integrated into the urban landscaping design).

Synergine’s role also incorporated collaborative engagement with Iwi and other stakeholders in relation to stormwater quality and WSD outcomes.

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