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project management support.



Project Management Support



Whangārei, New Zealand

Synergine’s engagement with Whangārei District Council commenced in 2019 as Project Management Support was required to assist with the variety of projects taking place at the Town Basin. Whangārei has experienced an increase in international and New Zealand based visitors during the peak summer season and increasingly during the shoulder seasons, as a result, pressure mounting on existing infrastructure and facilities has been increasing year on year.

Synergine provided project management support for the Town Basin Bus and Visitor Facility project, and the New Town Basin Park project. Both projects required stakeholder engagement and management of key deliverables to ensure project outcomes were achieved within the required timelines. Both projects were at different stages in their lifecycle. Synergine lead the Feasibility and Options Analysis Assessment for the Town Basin Bus and Visitor Facility project. This required input from a wide variety of stakeholders to ensure the selected design option for the upgrade met the needs of the local community and for tenants at the Town Basin, whilst also meeting project outcomes to provide a facility catering to the influx of visitors to the Whangarei District.

Synergine provided design and procurement management support for the New Town Basin Park project, and facilitated the safety in design workshop. This involved working closely with the design consultant to ensure all elements of the park were delivered and ready for construction documentation. The park is currently under construction, and will be delivered adjacent to the Hundertwasser Art Centre, providing a community facility for all ages to enjoy.

Supporting growth and ensuring local residents and visitors can continually enjoy all that the Whangārei District has to offer is a key part of the Council’s Long-Term Plan. Infrastructure provision to meet this growth must be carefully planned and undertaken in close collaboration with stakeholders, ensuring the protection of the natural environment is a priority consideration and sustainably manage any impacts to residents. It is understood that a significant programme of new and upgraded infrastructure and facility initiatives are planned that will require project management support to deliver a range of projects to respond to growth.

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