onehunga high school.


Onehunga High School



Auckland, NZ


Synergine was proud to be the recipient of the Arthur Mead Memorial Award for its strategic planning and project management work on the sports fields at Onehunga High School.

Synergine was engaged to provide end-to-end management of this project, including project management, stakeholder management and the design, consenting and construction management. Additional project management and technical support was also provided to the school in relation to other projects. The development of a fully erosion-protected stormwater solution enabled over 6,000m² of additional usable land to be used for rugby and football training fields.

From the outset, this project required comprehensive multi-party negotiation between the Ministry of Education, Transit NZ, Infrastructure Auckland, as well as with the school and community stakeholder groups. Anecdotally, the benefits extended beyond the sports field and into the school and wider community including a reduction in truancy, improved school culture and an uplift in amenity to the entire area.