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new lynn rail trench.


New Lynn Rail Trench



Auckland, New Zealand

The New Lynn Rail Trench and rail station project produced technical and sequencing innovations that set the standard for other projects in New Zealand. Synergine was proud to be a part of the team awarded the ACENZ gold award of excellence for this project.

Synergine developed a constructability report and an additional business case report, making the case to Treasury and ultimately Cabinet for grade separation of the road and rail in New Lynn based on the significant social, environmental and economic benefits to the community and the region realisable through investment in this catalyst project. Along with our partners, Synergine then delivered this regionally significant multi-modal transport project, providing management roles, as well as regulatory, technical investigation and design and delivery input.

Synergine’s specialist input ensured the success of the project and enabled higher social amenity, land use efficiency, public transport use, and a reduced environmental impact.

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