silverdale school.



MOE, Silverdale School -

Masterplan and 12 Teaching Space Roll Growth Project



Auckland, NZ




Synergine were engaged by the Ministry of Education to provide the school with 12 roll growth teaching spaces along with the associated infrastructure and outdoor spaces required to support this increase and to masterplan the school to grow to accommodate 1200 students in accordance with the Ministry guidelines and school pedagogy. 

Synergine’s role was to create a masterplan that incorporates the stakeholders’ input and the School’s practical needs in tandem with creating a holistic vision for the school community.

The masterplan layout envisages that the design of the new classroom blocks will use the school’s existing architectural language and integrate all new buildings into the existing school and its varied landscape. 

A sense of identity and arrival is an important focus of this masterplan proposal. 

Silverdale School has a unique genus loci or sense of place; it is located close to native bush, ocean and a growing community. Synergine would like future additions to the school to build on this to create a strong sense of ownership and a school the community can be proud of long into the future. The bush-clad site creates interesting opportunities unique to Silverdale School. This masterplan has undertaken investigation of these areas to determine how they can be utilised and brought into the masterplan design.

The masterplan is required to provide a clear vision for the school site that can evolve over time. It will establish the framework for the site and key areas of future development. In order to cope with the current roll growth, the school has also been allocated six temporary teaching spaces which have been onsite since 2015.


The school is a Decile 10, contributing Primary School (year 1‐6) situated in Silverdale with a current roll (July 2019) of 735 students. The school is in growth with the demographics requiring 12 teaching spaces initially and a possible further 8 teaching spaces if the school grows to its Masterplan roll of 1200 and all building and development projects planned for this area are actualised.