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canterbury earthquake response.

Canterbury Earthquake Response


Christchurch Re-build



Synergine responded within 48 hours of the September 2010 earthquake event and involvement with the restoration of Canterbury communities continued for over a decade. Over that time several thousand residential, commercial and heritage properties have been assessed by Synergine for structural damage and technical solutions for remedial / rebuild works developed and implemented. 

Synergine’s team have also contributed significantly to the Canterbury recovery, initially working with Vero / MWH to provide programme leadership and project management expertise for commercial property claims resolution and repair /rebuild delivery.

Subsequently we worked with Lumley (later IAG) to establish a programme of over 1300 repair and rebuild projects across residential, multi-unit and commercial portfolios, provide interim Project Management Office leadership and provide project management support to the resolution of these claims. These projects have demanded expertise in design and implementation of cross-sector teams and delivery systems, stakeholder management, project management, engineering and construction. 

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